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Our Services

Physical Therapy Services in Acadiana Area

Neaux Excuses Physical Therapy, providing physical therapy in the Acadiana Area. With our two locations - Youngsville and Broussard, Louisiana - we are dedicated to detailed assessments and effective therapy delivered one-on-one in hour long sessions. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Physical Therapy

At Neaux Excuses we take a one-on-one multidisciplinary approach to physical therapy by studying how your body moves, what impacts your movement and how we can help you heal your injuries and prevent them from recurring.

While human anatomy is essentially the same, each human body is different and that is why each of our evidence-based physical therapy approaches is customized.

We place great care in doing our initial assessment so we can get to the root of the problem and not merely treat the symptoms of pain.

We are licensed and experienced and dedicated to get you back to enjoying your active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Manual Therapy

At Neaux Excuses we use a hands-on technique known as manual therapy to mobilize and manipulate your body in an effort to decrease pain and increase your range of motion.

Manual therapy is effective in decreasing muscle stiffness, improving joint mobility, decreasing neural irritation (numbness and tingling), and decreasing overall pain levels.

This therapy, when combined with our series of prescribed exercises to do between visits and our education component, allow you to regain your strength faster by being able to work on your rehabilitation at home between visits.

Concierge PT

We are able to treat clients in their own homes or offices when necessary through our concierge physical therapy option.

We bring our own equipment and the skills needed to help you heal as quickly as possible after injury and get back to active living.

Concierge services can be arranged for clients in Youngsville, Lafayette, Broussard, and Scott. Please contact us directly to discuss options in this regard.

Movement Workshops

We work with local coaches to conduct movement workshops for athletes in a variety of different sports and at different fitness levels.

These workshops can focus on anything that the coach chooses. Examples of what we have done in the past includes: Fixing Your Squat, How to Improve Overhead Mobility, and Bulletproofing Your Deadlift.

With these workshops, athletes/clients are able to improve their performance and ultimately decrease their risk for injury, allowing for continued participation all year.

Sports Injuries

We treat semi-professional and recreational athletes as well as weekend warriors who sustain injuries in participating in sports. We know how important it is to regain mobility and reduce pain and get back to your sport of choice as quickly as possible.

We combine clinic visits with prescribed exercises for you to do at home so you can be a full partner in your own recovery.

In addition to treating sprains, strains and fractures, we are experienced in helping assess weaknesses and strengths that are relevant to your sport of choice.

Sports Conditioning

At Neaux Excuses we take a multi-disciplinary approach to ensuring that athletes and active people at all levels and ages can enjoy the sports of their choice safely.

After a thorough assessment to determine any postural, gait or strength issues, we identify areas that require attention to avoid the risk of injury and help you prepare for active participation in your sport of choice.

We develop a customized program to help you build your strength, endurance and flexibility and specifically prepare for the rigors of vigorous sports as well as an overall fit and active lifestyle.

We have CrossFit Level 1 instruction level certification as well.

Dry Needling

Physical Therapist Lauren Stone is certified to perform dry needling, a special procedure that helps reduce acute and chronic pain in patients.

It works by reducing muscle tension, promoting healing, and increasing range of motion.

You may benefit from dry needling if you have neck, back or shoulder pain, arm pain, headaches, jaw pain, fibromyalgia, or osteoarthritis of the joints or temporomandibular disorder (TMJ), among other conditions.

Dry needing involves having the specially trained and certified physical therapist insert a disposable acupuncture needle into your skin and muscle tissue.

It works because the needles are directed at the myofascial trigger points that cause and refer pain throughout the body. High concentrations of chemicals that cause pain can be found in these trigger points.

When the needle is inserted, it helps to normalize these chemical levels and decrease muscle tension and pain.

Pre and Post Surgery

Research has shown that having physical therapy both before and after a joint replacement surgery will speed up healing and lead to a full recovery.

We are knowledgeable about joint replacement surgery and other surgeries and will work with your surgeon and physician as a team to determine the most effective therapy for your safe recovery and return to active living as quickly as possible.

Our goal is to help you increase strength, activity and range of motion so that you can get back to normal activities without any recurring problems.

Vertigo and Balance Issues

If you suffer from frequent falls, vertigo, imbalance, dizziness, or migraines, you may be experiencing a problem with your vestibular system, your main balance system.

It is important to receive physical therapy to avoid compounding the difficulties caused by issues of imbalance, including a tendency to fall and create more injuries.

Dizziness and vertigo can take away your independence and curtail your ability to live a full and active life.

At Neaux Excuses, we have successfully treated patients with these issues by using a variety of therapies to help reach the source of their problem and work to solve it.

Joint Pain and Manipulation

Your quality of life can be severely impacted by joint pain, and you find it difficult to move and engage in the normal activities of everyday living. You cannot engage in the active lifestyle you enjoy and often have difficulty getting the restful sleep you need.

While medication can ease pain and inflammation in a joint, a course of physical therapy is the best method to restore mobility to the area.

We use a variety of techniques to help you heal from joint pain including joint and soft tissue manipulation.

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