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Neaux Excuses, founded in 2018, provides physical therapy and manual therapy along with a wide range of services to residents of Youngsville, Lafayette, Broussard, and Scott.

Located at 100 Holstein Lane in the CrossFit Confederation Box, our accessible, ground-level clinic offers a private treatment room where patients receive one-hour therapy sessions with an experienced physical therapist.

Our goal is to help you achieve optimal physical functioning, and we start each first visit with a thorough assessment to determine the cause of your pain or dysfunction. Then we customize a treatment that includes prescribed exercises to be done at home between visits, enabling you to be a partner in your own care.

Our unique business model in our area allows us to spend the full hour with you that clinics dependent on the dictates of insurance providers cannot do. We know from research and experience that the hour-long visit leads to a faster and more complete recovery and fewer visits in the long term, ultimately saving health care investments in the long term.

 We are distinguished as well by having a Fellowship trained physical therapist in house. Founder and Physical Therapist Lauren Stone is one of this elite group of highly trained health professionals.

We offer a broad range of services that includes both physical and manual therapy, dry needling, sports injury treatment and sports conditioning, and pre and post-surgical rehabilitation.

We also offer a Concierge Physical Therapy service where we will go to your home or office to deliver your physical therapy in your own environment.

Other extended services include Movement Workshops with local coaches to help their teams succeed and ergonomic assessments and counselling in work areas and homes.


Lauren Stone, PT, DPT

Lauren Stone’s youthful career as a high level gymnast resulted in a myriad of injuries that first introduced her to the benefits of care from a physical therapist.

“They were so amazing in helping me heal and get back to the active life that I wanted,” she recalls. “That’s what made me decide that was the career for me and I never changed my mind. I want to help people heal and get back to the sports they love, not sit on the sidelines.”

Lauren achieved her Bachelor of Science degree from Louisiana State University (LSU) followed by her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from LSU’s Health Science Center in New Orleans.

In December, 2018, she will join an elite group of physical therapists by completing her Fellowship Training through the Manual Therapy Institute.

Additionally, she is a Certified in Dry Needling and has CrossFit Level 1 Certification.

She gained experience as an outpatient physical therapist prior to opening her own clinic in the CrossFit Confederation Gym in Youngsville, Louisiana.

A member of the American Physical Therapists Association, when she is not working she loves to spend time playing with her daughter, doing CrossFit, and working in the yard.

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