Patient Information

Your First Visit

For your first visit to Neaux Excuses Physical Therapy, you can expect to receive a thorough assessment followed by your initial therapy. We will also furnish you with prescribed exercises to do before your next visit.

You will be required to move as we do our assessment and therapy, so please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that will also give us accessed to the injured area.

Please bring with you a list of any prescribed or over-the-counter medications that you take regularly.

You do not have to have a doctor’s referral to book an appointment. If you are coming after visiting your physician, please bring any notes or x-rays that you have.



You will be asked to settle your account with us at the completion of each therapy session.

You will also be provided with an itemized statement of services rendered and payments made to submit to your insurance provider if you have physical therapy coverage.



Season wasn’t a loss

“An ankle injury early in baseball season left me fuming on the benches, thinking I had missed all the fun of the summer playing in my community league.

I was referred to Lauren Stone, physical therapist, by a friend who said she really understood how much sports means to people and works miracles getting you back in the game.

Between the physical therapy she provided augmented with the prescribed exercises she insisted I do between visits to the clinic, I improved faster that I would have thought possible.

I didn’t miss my whole season. Unbelievably, I was out there loving every minute of my game in a few weeks, thanks to her skill and attention.

Not only that, but she continues to take the time to work with me to strengthen me further to ensure that I don’t have recurring injuries.

I am really grateful for her skill and professionalism, and am happy to recommend her to others who enjoy active living!”

  • Melanson


Investment will pay off

“As an entrepreneur with a small business, having staff booked off ill because of lower back pain or carpel tunnel syndrome could severely complicate my chances of getting contracts done on time and on budget.

A colleague of mine suggested bringing Physical Therapist Lauren Stone into my plant to do an ergonomic assessment to ensure that I have things set up to avoid common workplace injuries.

She was knowledgeable and took the time to understand the intricacies of my business enough so that she could see why certain tasks had to be done a certain way, and to assess if there were work stations I could set up differently to avoid repetitive strain or postural difficulties.

We feel this is an important step to protect the health of our employees. Anticipating lower injuries in the future, we believe this is a service well worth the investment.

  • Park


Relief from chronic pain is amazing

“For more than two years chronic pain took me a prisoner in life. I could not enjoy the active lifestyle I loved. I was forever compromising what I wanted to do for what I was able to do, and they were never the same.

When Physical Therapist Lauren Stone opened her clinic in Youngsville, I saw that I could see her without a doctor’s prescription, so I decided that I had tried everything else, why not go see her?

It turned out that she was certified in Dry Needling and she recommended this therapy for me.

I had amazing relief after just one session! I continued to the full series of therapies and unbelievably, I have my life back!

Now I only have to see her for maintenance to ensure that I do not fall back into the closed world of pain. I cannot say enough about her knowledge, her professionalism, and her compassionate attitude. She is amazing!

  • Jenkins
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